The Struggle for Your MindThe Struggle for Your Mind:
Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think
(available May 2012)

A revolutionary call to overthrow society’s mental controls and expand consciousness for the greater good of humanity.
• Explores the tactics used to control consciousness, such as misinformation, debt
systems, fear conditioning, and the distraction of entertainment and technology
• Reveals the emerging mechanisms for neuro-genetic evolution within our brains
that will enable us to throw off the shackles of mental control
• Explains how to break through the barriers inhibiting conscious evolution and
restore our connection with Nature and the Divine

Within society there exists a silent war. The battlefield is our everyday lives: our education, our work, our leisure, our emotional and spiritual well-being, and our thinking and perceptions. Our very sense of “reality” is deliberately engineered to work against conscious evolution and preserve social norms. In short, we are all part of a war of consciousness. And the opportunity is at hand for us to win.

Assessing the ways modern societies limit consciousness and keep humanity obedient
and distracted from their inner lives, Kingsley Dennis presents an eye-opening investigation of the way our minds have been programmed to preserve incumbent power structures and their rules. He exposes the tactics employed for thousands of years by the elite to control our minds, including misinformation and propaganda, debt systems, consumerism, religious doctrine, scientific authority, economic “uncertainties,” fear of terrorist attacks and armageddon, electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and other devices, distraction through entertainment and technology, as well as the false belief that we are separate from Nature and the Divine. Despite these obstacles, humanity is awakening to culture’s imposed limits on perception through an accelerating rise in collective empathy and awareness. Exploring the biology of consciousness, Dennis reveals the emerging mechanisms for neuro-genetic evolution within the brains of gifted individuals, psychics, and visionaries and the coming increases in solar and magnetic energies that will activate them within all of us. Explaining how we can free up mental and emotional energy to break through the barriers inhibiting conscious evolution, he shows that, by taking back our minds and changing the way we think, we can restore our connection with Nature and the Divine and lead humanity into a new age of harmony and awareness.

Inner Traditions
ISBN 978-1-59477-457-7


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